Temperature controlled transports

We have modern and certified vehicles for temperature controlled transports. If it is medicines or food is of less importance. We make sure the temperature is the right one all the way, and we log it.

Security classed cargo

By having GPS transponders, locks connected to the GPS and an advanced surveillance system installed we can transport high valued cargo in a secure way.

Climate & quality

We care about the environment. We are ISO-14001 certified, and our drivers are educated and trained to drive as enviromentally sound as possible. This also have the bonus that they drive safe and secure. A strategical partership with a YKB-company (CPC in Sweden) we make sure that they continue to be certified.

In-house workshop

Our in-house workshop makes it possible to keep our vehicle fleet in perfect order in a time- and cost efficient way. We can also offer the same quality to other companies that needs it.
We develop and sell transportation services to freight forwarding companies, businesses in the food and pharmaceutical industries and in other industries that has high demands on security and modern transport technology. Together with our customers we develop optimal transport solutions with creativity and flexibility.